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Kitchen Hacks Every Foodie Should Know

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Sometimes, life can be rough. What are you supposed to do when your friends are coming over and you can't find the corkscrew? Or when you really want iced coffee, but don't want to water it down with melted ice? Don't worry. #eHowHacks are here to help.

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Peel Bananas the Right Way

And we never thought to do this, why? Image Credit: Demand Media

That moment you realize you've been peeling bananas wrong your entire life.

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Make Perfect Pancakes Everytime

Seriously, think of all the pancake art! Image Credit: Demand Media

Use a clean squeeze bottle to dispense pancake mix for no-mess, perfectly circular pancakes.

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Drink Delicious Iced Coffee

More caffeine? This hack is a no-brainer. Image Credit: Demand Media

Instead of adding ice to your home brew, pour it over frozen coffee you've made in an ice tray. You'll never drink watered down iced coffee again, and you'll get more caffeine.

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Reorganize Your Freezer With Binder Clips

Office supply gone rouge. Image Credit: Demand Media

Use binder clips to seal and hang packaged foods in the freezer to save space and keep things organized. Genius.

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Open a Bottle of Wine With an Air Pump

Our new favorite party trick! Image Credit: Demand Media

Air pumps: a genius invention to solve some of life's greatest woes — like flat bicycle tires, inflatable pool toys and opening bottles of wine.

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Open a Wine Bottle with a Shoe

Wine is this important. Image Credit: Demand Media

Don't have an air pump? Just use a shoe! Seriously, no excuses.

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Keep Apples From Turning Brown

The best way to pack apple slices for lunch. Image Credit: Demand Media

A sliced apple is a delicious, healthy afternoon snack. Don't worry about it turning brown — this hack keeps your apples crispy and fresh.

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Use Fresh Fruit Instead of Ice Cubes

What your sparkling wine or mimosa needs. Image Credit: Demand Media

Whether you want to add some flavor to your water or keep a sparkling drink cold without watering it down, this hack is for you. And yes, this is what you're mimosa has been missing all along.

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Don\’t Settle For Stale Snacks

Recycling old water bottles has a whole new meeting. Image Credit: Demand Media

Who actually buys chip clips? Use an old bottle cap to make a genius snack dispenser and keep your snacks fresh.

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Figure Out the Art of the Chopstick

Master the art of chopsticks with this easy rubber band hack. Image Credit: Demand Media

Stop asking the waiter to bring you a fork, and use a rubber band and the chopstick wrapper to eat your sushi like the foodie you are.

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Make Lemon Garnishes like a Pro

Fancy lemon slices are this easy to achieve! Image Credit: Demand Media

Peeling and slicing just got a whole lot fancier, and easier!

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DIY Soda Slushy

We can hear you cooling off on a summer day with this refreshing soda slushy already. Image Credit: Demand Media

Craving a slushy? Make one at home with this simple food (and life) hack.

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