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Get Sprouting!

Get Sprouting!

We’re up for the challenge: the BioSnacky 10-Day Sprouting Challenge!

As a writer and editor, I’m used to the pressure of deadlines, so when I signed up for the Biosnacky 10-Day Sprouting Challenge, I was coolly confident that 10 days would be plenty of time to get sprouting.



I was right! After just two days, the seeds began sprouting in my three-tiered sprouter. How exciting! I peer at them through the clear eco-friendly acrylic sides and dream of the many ways to enjoy my Alfalfa, Little Radish, and Fitness Mix sprouts. Piled on sandwiches, added to salads, topped on appetizers, or infused in hummus.

I had no idea how easy it is to grow my own healthy sprouts. I’m looking forward to trying more varieties in the days ahead. 

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